16 types of vinegar and when to use them

coconut vinegar is commonly used in South Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines. There are two types of coconut water: one is made by fermenting the sap of coconut blossoms, the other is created by fermenting coconut water (via enjoy your food).

It’s hard to pinpoint the flavor of this vinegar, but it’s more acidic than cane sugar vinegar. coconut vinegar does not taste like the quintessence of coconut; it looks more like apple cider vinegar but tends to taste sweeter and less acidic.

Coconut vinegar is used in a Filipino ceviche called kinilaw as well as to make a spicy condiment to spice up other dishes. Additionally, coconut vinegar can also be used in marinades, pickles, and curries (via Epicurious). Food & Wine has a recipe for a spicy coconut vinegar braised pork that’s as tender as it gets.

Coconut vinegar is quite the health craze, even though it has been a part of various cuisines for centuries. Coconut Vinegar is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, plus probiotics that support healthy digestion (via daily burn). Dr Oz also recommends using coconut vinegar in a mocktail as a substitute for alcohol, which is great for those looking for a non-alcoholic drink.