A dish of “Singaporean rice” covered in ketchup and mayonnaise confuses and horrifies local Redditors

A photo of a so-called Singaporean dish made from a particular recipe online has been annoying local Redditors since yesterday.

Redditor Best-mango-YT, who wanted to brag about his attempt to make a “Singaporean rice” dish on a rice subreddit, was met with backlash from confused and disturbed Singaporeans who explained that the dish n doesn’t really exist in Singapore.

“This one [is] not Singaporean, this one [is] no rice either. It’s a tragedy what happened to food sia,” Wastingrice wrote.

Best-mango-YT said they followed a recipe from Food Fusion, a Pakistan-based cooking website, which includes not only rice but also egg noodles as well as chicken and a variety of vegetables, all topped with a sauce based on ketchup and mayonnaise. .

The website says the recipe was a “quick and easy Singaporean rice recipe with a little fusion” that is unique to them.

“To be honest, I really don’t know, I had watched a cooking video and found it interesting and shared my experience here, that’s all,” Best-mango-YT wrote, adding that he thought the dish was “very delicious”.

After receiving hate and getting angry for receiving “so many downvotes” on the post, the beleaguered PO said they respect Singapore’s culture and will soon remove the post.

“I had no intention of spreading false information. I never thought it would be embarrassing for many people. I never imagined that sharing a home cooking experience would end like this. Sorry for the inconvenience I caused,” he wrote.

Locals also tore up the post when the photo was reposted on the Singapore subreddit last night, with some calling it ‘disgusting’, ‘shit’ and an ‘abomination’.

“Although I blame the recipe, not you. There’s a lot of good food in Singapore, but nothing quite like it,” Pawsowoar wrote.

‘Singaporean rice’ is apparently a dish invented in Pakistan, some say the recipe was originally dreamed up by a wedding caterer in Karachi (who, one would guess, had never been to Singapore).

In February, the New York Times was tormented by locals about his bizarre “Singaporean Chicken Curry” recipe which was very different from the authentic versions found here. Even the creator of the recipe didn’t know how it ended up like this.

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