A Jordanian uses a volcano to cook a traditional dish of mansaf

A Jordanian travel influencer has used the heat from the active volcano Pacaya in Guatemala to cook his native country’s traditional ‘mansaf’ dish and share it with locals.

A Jordanian travel influencer of Palestinian descent cooked the traditional “mansaf” dish on top of a volcano in Guatemala.

Qassem Hatto – who has 1.19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel – decided to take the challenge on the active volcano Pacaya after learning that pizza had also been baked on its surface.

Mansaf is a rich and popular dish in the Middle East, containing rice, lamb and dry yogurt, which is made into a sauce called jameed.

Hatto said he wanted to introduce the signature Jordanian meal to locals in the area.

He said Arabic CNN that when he started to prepare it, the meat was already half cooked and the rice was ready.

All that remained was to find a floor warm enough to cook and “wait for the meat to be cooked”.

There was no liquid lava flowing on the surface of the volcano on the day of the influencer’s visit.

After cooking for about an hour the food was ready, “worked perfectly and tasted like any mansaf you… [could] eat in Jordan,” according to Hatto.

He said locals who have tried the dish have found it both original and delicious.

The trip to the volcano was easy, Hatto added, explaining that to reach where the lava is, you have to walk or ride a horse for about an hour.

Hatto created his YouTube channel in 2017, with the aim of sharing the cultures of the world with his followers to bring them closer.

Pacaya – with a height of around 8,373 feet – is a complex and active volcano in Guatemala that first erupted around 23,000 years ago.