A treat for beef and cheese lovers

If you love beef, cheese, and happiness in no particular order, you have to try Kunafa Beef. Chef Taef is creating a social media buzz with his unique combination of corned beef and mozzarella cheese, which costs just 550 Tk.

To try the mouth-watering Beef Kunafa, you can head to the restaurant at 14 Rankin Street in Wari. The interior is elegant, comfortable and soothing, with dark green velvet sofas and elegant velvet armchairs. Their chosen color palette of white and mint patterns lends itself very well to the ambiance of the dining room.

The small black lamps above the tables create a shiny and bright environment; which makes it very Instagram friendly. The second floor has a retro vibe with its exposed brick walls, lit by light bulbs hanging from ropes attached to the ceiling.

Guests flock to this place to enjoy Kunafa beef from different corners of the city. The waiting time for this dish is 15-20 minutes. In the meantime, you can watch it being cooked through the glassed-in kitchen.

Beef Kunafa is stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese and beef tenderloin. When you cut it in half, the melted cheese and beef cubes flow out.

The outer layer of the dish is also made of solid beef. It tastes like a soft and tasty kebab.

Plus, the chef’s special spices add extra flavors to the dish such as hints of black pepper.

The melted mozzarella is the heart of the whole dish, which makes the Kunafa chewy and tangy, imbuing it with salty and sour undertones.

Besides the mozzarella, there are pieces of beef tenderloin in the Beef Kunafa filling. This makes the dish meatier and healthier. For some people, the pieces of beef in the filling may seem a bit dry and not moist enough. All in all, it brings a good balance to the dish.

After about 10 minutes, the cheese in the interior filling becomes hard and thick. So you have to enjoy this delicious dish while it’s hot. To maintain the best quality and taste, this particular dish is available for home delivery only in Wari, Dhaka.

The Beef Kunafa also comes with various packages offering great deals for you. Package 1 is for the delicious Beef Kunafa which only costs 550 TK. Package 2 offers one Kunafa beef, two drumsticks, two chicken wings, one large Turkish bread, two slices of flatbread and a salad. This package is offered at TK799.

Package 3 offers an extravagant board at TK899. Although it’s quite similar to Package 2, you’ll get two extra bowls of rice and two drinks. When it comes to taste, everything about this platter is appetizing.

Sesame seeds sprinkled on the Turkish bread create a delicate sweet and nutty flavor that will last in your mouth. Spicy drumsticks, chicken wings and savory rice make a great combo with coleslaw and carrot salad. The chef’s secret spices and the freshness of the salad take the whole dish to the next level and serve two people.

Chef Taef will launch a variation of Package Three with Kunafa Chicken very soon at a much lower price.