Apparently washing your cabinets with Dawn dish soap is super effective.

Do you have cabinets or other spaces in your home that need a good fall cleaning? You can be like us… And unfortunately, some of these spaces are a little harder to reach than others, but they still need a good cleaning.

Luckily, a TikTok creator has made life so much easier for us (and you) by sharing her secret and simple “recipe” for keeping her own cabinets squeaky clean and dust-free!


Valeria Rangel has recently gotten into the habit of doing things around her house that she honestly would rather not do. After all, there isn’t much time in the day, and she’d much rather relax on her porch or sip a drink than scrub her cabinets or baseboards.

But these things have yet to be done, and there is no one else who will do it for her. So she simply rolls up her sleeves and offers her concoction that helps make cleanup a little easier — soapy, soapy water with Dawn dish soap. Now we love Dawn. It’s tough on food and messes when we need it, but it also won’t leave streaks or sweat spots where you don’t want them. Sure, it’s often considered a stronger chemical cleaner, but when you’re cleaning hard-to-reach places and just want to do it, Dawn is more than capable of the job.

So all Valeria does is get a bucket of soapy water and get to work. A soap-soaked scrub brush does most of the work for her and she brushes each of the cabinets, getting into all the weird nooks and crannies, before letting it sit for a minute while she does the rest of the cabinets at this level. Then just a quick wipe down with a hand towel and that’s literally it!

Let this be your sign to finally clean out all those kitchen cabinets and get your house squeaky clean in time for the holidays!

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