Awash Sampler Platter with Beg Alicha Lamb and Vegetables – West Side Rag

By Ava Stryker-Robbins

When I think of my favorite Upper West Side restaurants, Awash at 107th and Amsterdam top the list. The vibrant flavors of their Ethiopian dishes are some of the best the neighborhood has to offer.

Awash offers a variety of dishes served on classic Ethiopian Injera bread – a spongy sourdough flatbread. Meat options include lamb, beef, and chicken. Vegetarian dishes are offered, with options including beets, green beans, lentils, mushrooms, yellow split peas, and more. Food is served on trays and eaten with the hands. You take an Injera roll and take a bite of food.

The lamb I usually order is called Beg Alicha, which is a lamb stew made without the fiery berber spice. It’s a buttery, hearty, incredibly soft lamb. With the Injera, the combination of flavors is soothing, intriguing and delicious.

Awash opened in 1994 with the aim of sharing Ethiopian cuisine with America, according to its website. Motivated by the lack of Ethiopian restaurants in the city, he brought traditional cooking techniques to New York. A generation later, Awash continues to fulfill its mission of bringing Ethiopian cuisine to new audiences, in addition to being a mainstay for regulars who return to this restaurant time and time again. The staff at Awash are incredibly friendly and offer indoor and outdoor dining options.

A platter of samples for one person costs $19, for 2 people, $39 and for three people, $58.

The dish: Sample platter with Beg Alicha lamb and vegetables
Restaurant: Awash (947 Amsterdam Avenue at 107th Street)

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