AWS allows a Lenovo server in its on-premises AI video cloud • The Register

Amazon Web Services licensed a third-party hardware offering into its universe, with a Lenovo server dedicated to video analytics marking the gig.

To understand why AWS endorsed third-party hardware, we need to revisit the 2020 re:invent conference, where it showcased Panorama Appliance – a sealed box that stores video from CCTV rigs that lack native analytics capabilities. . Panorama Appliance ingests the video and then applies machine vision patterns, so old-school CCTV users can enjoy an upgrade without having to replace their entire video systems.

AWS strongly suggests its SageMaker AI/ML platform as a very good source of models to run on Panorama Appliance.

So far, so AWS – the company’s other on-premises offerings also offer hooks into its cloud.

But AWS also allows support for models built with PyTorch, Apache MXNet, and TensorFlow on appliances.

And now the cloud colossus has also allowed a third-party server maker to offer a box with Panorama pre-installed.

This box is Lenovo’s ThinkEdge SE70 Serverannounced in September 2021 and teased as one day offering a version with the Panorama SDK pre-installed.

That day has come. AWS Thursday announcement the server is now ready for Panorama.

Here’s how the SE70 and Panorama Appliance compare.

$2399 $4000
256 GB 32 GB
8 GB 32 GB
Nvidia Jetson NX Xavier Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier
21 TeraOPS (TOPS) 32 TeraOPS (TOPS)
2GbE 2GbE
IP51 IP62

The tape story above fails to mention Lenovo’s global resale and support services – a core part of the Chinese giant’s business and not really the sort of thing AWS does for hardware.

Which may make up for the SE70’s weaker GPU, smaller memory, and slightly less robust chassis.

But these qualities may be mere quibbles over the news that AWS has integrated in this way with third-party hardware. This is definitely new to Jeff Bezos’ server rental service. ®