Clumpies, The Ice Cream Show dish on what makes them two of Chattanooga’s most beloved ice cream parlors

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Clumpies Ice Cream Co.

Two hundred pounds of fresh Georgia peaches just arrived at Clumpies Ice Cream Co. and Senior Manager Ashley Bottoms couldn’t be happier. Their fate? They’re on their way to becoming the next batch of Peach Cobbler Ice Cream – a sinful mix of peach jam swirls and pie crust crunch.

Four times a year, Clumpies releases a new series of seasonal gourmet creations in addition to their 18 classic flavors available year-round. Available through the end of summer, the current menu includes Whiskey Caramel Cornflake Crunch, Blueberry Muffin, Blackberry Mojito, Peach Cobbler, Malted Peanut Squared, Lemonberry Cake, Key Lime Pie and Sweet Corn Blueberry (Bottoms personal favorite) .

What is their secret to success? It comes down to attention to detail, says Bottoms, who holds a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina. The cream base is pasteurized in the shop’s kitchen, one batch at a time. And the toppings like the caramel/whiskey sauce, or the cookie dough or the pralines are all homemade, using local ingredients where possible.

Clumpies Ice Cream Co., was started in 1999 on the North Shore by Chattanoogan Marshall Brock and was acquired in 2013 by the Lookout Mountain See Rock City attraction, which has since added more outlets in St. Elmo and in the Southside in addition to Clumpies ice. cream truck.

“By making things here, we have more control over flavor,” says Bottoms. The differences are subtle but real, like the use of brown sugar instead of plain white for flavors like buttered pecan or coffee cake. And oh, yes – there’s the shameless use of butterfat, the secret ingredient to making it all so creamy and delicious.


South side

1401 Market Street


the north coast

26 Frazier Avenue


St. Elmo

3917 St. Elmo Avenue


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Surviving the pandemic has been a wild ride for Clumpies, she says, but their online delivery service has been a huge factor in helping them survive. The service launched in 2019 and has helped sell around 1,200 pints. But in 2020 the service was in high demand, with that figure increasing almost tenfold to 11,000 pints.

Now, in 2022, business is fluctuating and mostly back to pre-pandemic numbers. Ultimately, however, she is grateful to have a job that creates joy in the world.

“At the end of the day, we get to make people happy through ice cream,” she says. “And it’s such a gift.”

The Ice Cream Show

105 Walnut Street


The Ice Cream Show

When it comes to creating the perfect ice cream combination, you’re the head chef at The Ice Cream Show.

“Your imagination is the limit,” says manager Gerrit Bontekoe. “You dream it, we cream it.”

The first part is quite easy. You choose. Do you go with ice cream or frozen yogurt – and will it be chocolate or vanilla? Then the second step requires a bit more artistry. You have the choice between more than 40 fresh ingredients. According to Bontekoe’s calculations, this represents approximately 17,000 possible combinations.

“People do all kinds of mixtures,” he says. “Things I would never think of. Then once I try them, they become my new favorites.”

This spring marked 13 successful years in Chattanooga for The Ice Cream Show. Located on the south side of the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge, it’s a great place to stop before or after a walk. It’s also a great place to watch high-level people.

“The Ice Cream Show is one of a kind for Chattanooga,” says Bontekoe. “Most small businesses don’t survive beyond five years, so we feel very lucky to have been here this long.”

The Ice Cream Show also offers a wide assortment of gourmet coffees, teas and smoothies, as well as sugar-free and dairy-free ice cream options.