Diljit Dosanjhs weekend indulgence is drool worthy Desi dish

Bollywood celebrities spare no effort to make themselves more outspoken and closer to their fans. And, one of the best ways they give us a glimpse into their lives is by showing us their culinary adventures. From actors to singers, these celebrities often show us their food stories and we couldn’t be more grateful. Likewise, Diljit Dosanjh gave us a look at his weekend indulgence. And it’s a mouth-watering Indian dish. The actor and singer shared a photo of the dish on Instagram Stories. The photo showed a delicious bowl of poha, which is cooked with dried fruits and nuts. The golden yellow poha is garnished with finely chopped cilantro. The caption read “Poha” with a clasped hand emoji.

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We often get to know what Diljit Dosanjh relishes. For a healthy breakfast, he once chose a slice of juicy, refreshing watermelon with a few chunks of sweet pineapple. A chopped banana also accompanied the platter. Apart from the fruit platter, the singer was also seen enjoying three types of fresh juices and a cup of cappuccino.

Diljit Dosanjh carries a huge fondness for food. And, he tries different dishes from time to time. His foodie adventures also include a plate of shakshuka. Shakshuka is an egg dish generally popular in many parts of North Africa and the Middle East. The social media sensation’s Instagram stories showed a pot of delicious shakshuka covered with a glass lid. In the video, he said, “After a long time, Shakshuka.” He titled the video “Diljit’s Kitchen”. In the next slide, he said, “Look at this beauty. I need my spoon now.

Diljit Dosanjh likes to indulge in “good carbs” only. Sharing a video of what looked like mashed potatoes, Diljit wrote, “I like it, thanks dad. Before the show, you have to eat good meals, good carbohydrates for energy. The dish was prepared with mild spices, chopped tomatoes and garnished with coriander leaves.