Dinner and dish: Sam’s Deli

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — When you think of a deli, many people simply imagine a sandwich shop.

But we’re taking you to a longtime Fresno favorite that offers so much more.

When we asked viewers for their favorite sandwich in the Valley, many of you – unsurprisingly – answered Sam’s Deli.

With so many tasty options, this is truly a Fresno gem.

Deliciously aromatic smells greet you as soon as you enter Sam’s Deli in downtown Fresno.

People can come in for a sandwich, but owner Nick Marziliano says they often leave with a bag of groceries.

“A charcuterie is a true full-service meat counter, cheese counter, and everything you need to cook Italian,” he says. “I get a lot of people from the East Coast who come in and can’t believe something like this exists in California or the Central Valley and I’m like, ‘Why, what, you think you’re special? Haha. We can do the same”.

Ravioli and pasta are fresh daily.

“Everything is made from scratch, from meatballs, sausages, sauces, salads,” says Marziliano.

The most popular sandwich is Sam’s Special.

It contains Italian mortadella, dry salami, boiled ham and turkey breast.

Frank Giannola has been coming from Hanford for decades to get food from Sam’s Deli.

“Oh, there are things here that you can’t find anywhere else. Even in cities, you can’t sometimes find what they have here,” he says.

Party trays are also popular.

Nick’s father, Sam, started the business 42 years ago.

Sam Marziliano passed away in 2011, but his legacy lives on in the way the staff treat people and especially the way the food is prepared.

“I have worked very hard to maintain this tradition on his behalf and to continue to develop it,” says Nick.

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