Dinner and main course: Sushi Kuu in Visalia

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) — The possibilities are endless when it comes to colorful and flavorful sushi.

Sushi Kuu in Visalia means “to eat sushi”.

“I want to exceed that expectation of a customer, so that’s what differentiates us a bit from others, I think,” says owner Albert Utomo.

Some people prefer American classics like dragon rolls, which contain cooked seafood.

But Utomo takes particular pride in the fresh fish he slices with precision and serves to customers.

“70% of them are still from Japan,” he said. “Of course it’s from the fish market in Los Angeles.”

Utomo worked in some of New York’s top sushi restaurants before starting his own restaurant in the South Valley.

“I like it because the food is fresh, the fish is fresh too, and the quality is also good,” says Tharasia Handoko.

Utomo says he improves the flavor of his sushi but never compromises it.

“The way I prepare sushi is that I always dress it with soy sauce,” he said.

The vinaigrette is more of a light “house sauce”.

Each piece has a garnish such as aioli or seaweed.

“Kind of a move towards a more modern style of nigiri sushi, where everything has a bit of a topping,” Utomo said.

One of his most popular dishes is the green goblin, which is made with bright green soy paper, salmon, and jalapeno peppers.

Sushi Kuu also offers Japanese specialties like tempura, black cod with miso and ramen.

Utomo’s wife Puspa is in charge of the kitchen.

Albert is passionate about pleasing your palate and making you better acquainted with his modern take on tradition.

“When you serve them the food and they bite it, they nod at you,” he said.

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