Genshin Impact: Tighnari Special Dish

Tighnari is one of the new characters introduced in Genshin Impact version 3.0, the big update of Sumeru, and in this article we will talk about Tighnari special dish. He is a 5 star Dendro Bow user with his charge shot based gameplay, while his Burst still provides some support for the team in a way very similar to Ganyu.

Like every character, Tighnari has his own dish, which can only be created while cooking, and it’s an upgraded version of the normal version. You have a small chance of having it when preparing the basic dishand getting a character’s unique food is a little extra to having it.

Although there is no direct reward for collecting these special dishes, there will always be situations where they can come in handy. Food isn’t just for display, and who knows? Maybe the special Tighnari dish is just what you need for a specific area or event.

Tighnari Special Dish: Forest Watcher’s Choice

His special dish is Forest Watcher’s Choice, which can be obtained randomly when Tighnari cooks the Mushroom Hodgepodge recipe. The effects are as follows:

Forest Watcher’s Choice

  • Increases DEF of all party members by 151 for 300s. In cooperative mode, this effect only applies to your own characters.

Tighnari’s specialty. The Forest Watcher personally picked these edible mushrooms – not only the most common ones, but also some mystery mushrooms you’ve never seen before. No condiments have been added, as the star should go to the intact freshness of the ingredients. It must have taken him a long time to prepare this delicious dish.

A simple defensive food serving with a not-so-complicated recipe can be very useful for some tougher events, like the recent Hidden Strive, where food makes a huge difference.

You can get the original recipe in complete the World Questline “An Unshakeable Culinary Dream” in Sumeru. Mushroom Hodgepodge can be cooked with x1 Mushroom, x1 Starshroom and x1 Rukkhashava Mushrooms.

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Mixed mushrooms

1 credit
  • Increases DEF of all party members from 88 to 126 for 300s.
  • In cooperative mode, this effect only applies to your own characters.

An Aranara-style dish that Paimon drained his brain juice to make better. But in fact, it only requires some common Sumeru mushrooms, as well as some additional seasonings. The heat and cooking time have been adjusted to preserve the distinctive flavors of three different types of mushrooms. Depending on individual preference, they can be eaten together or one at a time to explore the subtly varied flavors.

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The Tighnari Special Dish version has the same stats each time you craft it and cannot be cooked in the Suspicious, Regular, or Delicious versions. It will always be higher than the Delicious version of the default regular dish.

tignari special dish character
1 credit

This is just one of many new dishes Sumeru has introduced to the game, all using new resources found in the region. Explore the new areas before cooking, or you might miss some of these ingredients.

Genshin Impact just received the 3.0 update, which introduced the new region of Sumeru to the game. This marks the introduction of the Dendro element and its many reactions. We are also getting new characters, weapons, enemies, bosses and lots of archon quests and world quests.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS and Android.