Get everything you need to throw the perfect Thanksgiving, with prizes starting at just $1!

A one-stop shop! For everything you need this holiday season, just click below. (Photo: Bed Bath and Beyond)

It’s dawn in November, but time will pass much faster than this turkey – are you ready for the feast? Otherwise we have some Bed bath and beyond must-haves that you are sure to dream of. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to spend Thanksgiving, from rolling pins to extra seating. These items will last you through years of vacationing, but many are on sale right now, so act fast!

Be sure to take advantage of the new Bed Bath & Beyond Welcome Rewards Program. Membership is free (better than free; it will automatically give you $5 off any purchase just for signing up) and allows you to accumulate points with every sale that convert into cash back. Or opt for the Welcome Rewards+ program at $29 per year and you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase, plus other benefits. You’ll also get free shipping for the first week! Do not wait the last minute. Make sure those turkey day necessities are on hand or you’ll waste that triangle wish on better oven mitts.

This sixteen-piece set includes everything you’ll need to cook and then carve the bird, ham or rump roast. A durable acacia wood cutting board, 2-in-1 basting baster and brush with injector and cleaning brush, brining bag, poultry and pop-up thermometer, steel turkey lifter set stainless steel, a lacing pin and kitchen twine – phew! It’s basically everything but the kitchen sink and all for just $40.

Said a fan, “I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of all the products in this set! The wood is very heavy and solid. The metal used for the utensils has a luxury feel. They did not forget anything by putting this set. put together is all you need, minus the turkey!”

This convenient set includes a 2.5-quart baking dish with lid, a 1.5-quart baking dish with lid, a 0.97-quart baking dish with lid, and four 1-cup ramekins. Shatter and splinter resistant, BPA-free dishes are microwave, freezer safe and dishwasher. They’ll even take the grill up to 550 degrees.

“Love this set,” says one five-star reviewer. “I like all the different sizes, and each one doesn’t have a lot of uses. I like how they stack, they’re not bulky to store. I like the lids and how they fit. They fit the dishes. They’re great for baking, cooking, and storing leftovers. They’re the best-designed dishes I’ve seen in a long time.

This happy user gives us the details: “I’m really happy with this rolling pin. It’s nice and heavy, but still rolls very easily. And it’s great that it can be refrigerated when working with doughs that you don’t. I don’t want to get too hot. Besides being useful, it’s just pretty! The veined marble is beautiful, so it could be used as a display on your counter. The wooden stand matches the handles perfectly. and has little rubber feet to keep it from slipping. A great piece for yourself or as a gift for any baking lover!”

This pair of 100% cotton mini mitts are durable and padded with a terry cloth interior for added safety and designed to quickly grab hot pans without having to tug on a long pair of gloves. And, at this price, they practically give them away!

Said one fan, “I bought these as an afterthought when I was pre-Christmas shopping. I also ordered tea towels that coordinated with them. I love everything so much that I have ordered them again for gifts! They are good size Not too small, you can definitely feel confident taking a roasting pan out of the oven There’s a good amount of insulation in them, and the inside is soft They cover your whole hand, but are easy put on and take off with one hand, which can make them easier to use. Highly recommended!”

This five-star reviewer raves, “The wreath was way above our expectations. It’s made of all-natural materials and made our entree smell amazing thanks to the eucalyptus leaves and dried oranges. Packaged in a crate , the branches were safely protected, zero leaves were lost when I took it out of the packaging.”

If you’re still using those rusty, creaky, uncomfortable old metal folding chairs that have been sitting in your basement for decades, it’s time to take advantage of this sale and upgrade your party table. These chairs are guaranteed to be more attractive and comfortable than the ones you currently use, but just as practical.

Says one elated reviewer, “These chairs are the nicest FOLDING chairs I’ve found. They go quite well with my dining set for family gatherings. The height of the chair is compatible with my other chairs, but please note that they are considerably narrower than a real dining chair.” It just means you can squeeze more people at the table.

Save the elbow grease, this oven liner makes cleaning easy. Catch all the drippings and crumbs, without having to scrub the oven after a long day of cooking. No need to turn on the smoke cleaner setting that burns and stinks in the kitchen. Just remove this liner and rinse it out or put it in the dishwasher. Fits ovens up to 30 inches wide and can be cut to fit smaller ones.

Says one delighted user, “I’ve had this in my oven for a while…I finally cleaned my oven this week and was delighted that the bottom, the hardest to reach part of the oven, be clean, thanks to this lining. spills on the liner itself, which should be removed before running the cleaning cycle, easily wiped away and looking like new when put back in the oven cleaned and fresh.”

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