Gordon Ramsay’s new £18 dish slammed by foodies who say it’s ‘for a dog’

Top chef Gordon Ramsay has launched a new £18 soufflé at the Savoy Grill, but netizens are unimpressed with the dish – as some say it looks like dog food

Gordon Ramsay has been roasted for his new £18 dish

A new dish available at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant has been posted online by food lovers who think it sounds like something you could feed your dog.

Arnold Bennett’s Soufflé with Aged Cheddar Sauce is a signature dish from the Savoy Grill, which the top chef bought in 2003, and has been on the menu for almost 100 years – although it was modified from the omelet of traditional smoked haddock to a soufflé.

But after the dish was shared on Twitter by Gordon himself, it didn’t take long for foodies to question the look of the meal – which the chef is whipping up for £18 at the fancy restaurant, which has opened its doors. gates in 1889.

The soufflé is accompanied by an aged cheddar sauce


Gordon Ramsay/Triangle News)

It was criticized as looking like ‘dog food’


Gordon Ramsay/Triangle News)

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The Hells Kitchen chef posted a video of the sauce being poured over the soufflé and wrote, “A Savoy Grill signature… Arnold Bennett Soufflé with aged cheddar sauce. Just perfect !

And among some of the scathing comments, some compared the dish to “mashed potatoes with cheese sauce”, as well as “vomit” and dog food.

One person wrote: “If it’s for the dog, what do we eat?

While another added: ‘God who looks like vomit!’

And a third joked: ‘So mashed potatoes with cheese sauce…might do that for dinner tonight.’

The dish is available at the Savoy Grill


The Savoy Hotel Group)

“Yuck,” said a fourth.

However, not all reviews were negative, with some insisting that the dish sounded appetizing enough to ‘send their hunger through the roof’.

Someone said, “It’s so delicious.”

As someone else posted: “You just sent my hunger through the roof!”

The Arnold Bennett Souffle is priced at £18 and is actually the third cheapest dish on the Savoy Grill menu, beaten only by watercress sauce which costs £15 and poached oysters which cost £5 each.

Gordon, who is known for his bad mouth and often speaks out about other people’s cooking on his social media accounts, is also no stranger to criticism of his dishes.

More recently, we reported that the chef was roasted for sharing a video of steaming lamb chops being prepared at his Lucky Cat restaurant in Mayfair, London, which some said looked “scorched”.

One person said it looked like the dish had been “cooked on an ashtray”, while another asked, “Who put the lamb bones in the ashtray?”

Others said, “Why does meat always have to be raw as shit or seared until crispy?” and “Is anyone seriously going to eat this burnt offering”.

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