Holidays shouldn’t make you fat

Use this simple trick to lose weight and be healthier.

Hard to believe it’s November. Halloween candy probably still haunts your kitchen or office, and I’ve even seen Christmas decorations pop up in store windows.

We all know what that means.

The holiday tsunami of calories.

It starts with some Halloween candy, ramps up in mid-November, and lasts through January. All those traditional holiday meals, celebratory foods, feasts, snacks, and late nights add up.

November and December can feel like a long vacation where we keep telling ourselves that January is coming; we’ll get back on track, hit the gym, lose a few pounds, and be healthier. Sound familiar?

Instead of adding a belt notch this holiday season, flip the switch and add a powerful hack that can work wonders.

Chew more to eat less.

This tiny and simple change can help with weight loss while improving digestion and health.

The simple act of chewing reduces our caloric intake by slowing down eating and increasing the satisfaction we get from meals and snacks.

The best part is that it’s something we already do and can improve immediately.

So get ready to start chewing. Thirty-two times a bite (32!) is considered the appropriate number of chews to enhance nutritional benefits, slow down the eating process, prevent overeating, nourish the gut lining, and reduce the risk of bacterial overgrowth.

Of course, eating foods that taste delicious and make us healthier is another way to slim down the holidays without sacrificing flavor and satisfaction. Check out some of my favorite recipes on to simplify your holiday cooking so you can spend less time messing around in the kitchen and more time sipping bubbles with friends and family.

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Eat well. Be well.