How Aged Mole Makes Pujol’s Signature Dish Special

For one of Pujol’s courses, they feature two colored taupes, one closer to a caramel brown and the other darker, like a chocolate brown. The two competing colors represent two different moles, one freshly prepared and the other over 2,500 days old, according to The 50 best restaurants in the world.

The word mole comes from molli, which translates to a term meaning sauce or mixture — and that’s exactly what dish mole is (via The Washington Post). What makes the mole so special is the amount of time, energy and effort that goes into making it. With countless varieties of moles served, this is a sauce that truly comes from tradition and culture, as different recipes use many ingredients depending on preference. For Olvera, there are two reasons why his mole dish is so unique and world famous. The first is age; having a 2,500 day old mole gives it such a rich depth of flavor. Second, the mixing process, as each ingredient is mixed by hand on a grinding wheel.

If you are ever in Mexico City and have the chance to experience Pujol for yourself, the price is worth it. Or, if you want to see up close how Olvera prepares her mole and other signature recipes, watch her dedicated episode on the Netflix series “Chef’s Table.”