I own an Indian take away

A TAKEAWAY boss has revealed that staff will NEVER eat some of his customers’ favorite dishes on the menu.

Wasim Arshad, owner of the popular Mr Chef takeaways in Uddingston and Hamilton, joked that he was often in conflict with his teams refusing to sample one of their best-selling dishes.


Wasim Arshad revealed that the food staff at his takeaways NEVER get to eat
He owns the popular Mr Chef takeaways in Uddingston and Hamilton


He owns the popular Mr Chef takeaways in Uddingston and Hamilton

But he doesn’t mind as long as people enjoy the food they order because he thinks everyone has different tastes.

He says: “Korma and Chasni are among my top five selling curries and neither I nor my staff will eat it and we never have.

“We sell up to 300 servings of Korma every week, but it’s not a curry to me.

“It’s more of a dessert. It is made for the British palate.

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“Cream, coconut, sugar and curry yogurt – come on.

“I feel like it tastes like custard.

“But strangely, it’s one of the most popular dishes on my menu.”

Wasim, whose restaurant was nominated at the latest British Takeaway Awards, has previously revealed his staff’s favorite dishes on the menu are NEVER ordered by customers.

He wishes they were more popular as he feels punters have no idea what they are missing.

Wasim said: “We love aloo gobee – which is a potato and cauliflower curry.

“It is a staple traditional dish in Pakistan due to its safety and quick cooking method.

“It’s really very tasty and even three of our Scottish drivers ask for it but not customers strangely.

“A lot of people don’t like to think about it or just prefer our chicken and lamb dishes.”

Wasim adds: “The second is a saag curry made with spinach.

“It is boiled, stewed, ground and then mixed with a significant amount of several Asian spices.

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“Traditionally, even in the UK, when our parents cook this dish at home, they cook it in large quantities and distribute it to the whole family,

“However, on the Mr Chef menu, it is almost never ordered by the Scottish public.”

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