Instagram is ready to cook Ina Garten’s one-dish chicken dinner

Ina Garten’s post has generated a lot of buzz among her followers, who seem more eager than ever to check out the new roast chicken dish. “It looks so tasty and fresh,” one fan remarked in the comments. “I’m definitely going to try this for dinner! So good!” added another. Others praised the cookbook’s author for coming up with a recipe that’s accessible to people of different skill levels and large enough to feed a family. “So sweet and healthy too!! You make everything perfectly delicious,” one user wrote. “Love to cook like this, tasty, economical,” confirmed another. Of all the rave reviews, one user best summed up the sentiment: “No one makes chicken like you, Ina,” they concluded. You should agree!

The new Spring Vegetable Roast Chicken is a direct entry to Garten’s new pandemic stress-inspired cookbook, “Go-To Dinners,” slated for release in October (via Instagram). Luckily, her fans don’t have to wait until then to learn how to make this delicious one-pot dinner, as Garten has made the recipe available on her blog. The entire meal comes together in the oven with just 10 ingredients in a single 13 x 16 inch pan, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants a simple, scrumptious dinner they can make over and over again. A commenter who has already tried it gave her thumbs up, writing, “I made it last night, Ina! Delicious and so easy!”