Is the barbecue overloading American consumers?

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Is the barbecue overloading American consumers?

Receipt shows two BBQ fried chicken dishes costing over $80 (102,984 won) in the US / Screenshot from online community
Receipt shows two BBQ fried chicken dishes costing over $80 (102,984 won) in the US / Screenshot from online community

By Kim Jae Heun

Genesis BBQ has been accused of overcharging American consumers, who are mostly Korean Americans living in California and New York. The fried chicken franchise reportedly charged $80.72 (102,934 won) for two menu items, according to consumers and industry watchers on Wednesday.

A consumer in the United States recently posted a receipt online showing two fried chicken dishes for $80.72 including tip, delivery and tax. Normally, the BBQ fried chicken menu costs around 20,000 won per dish. The post has created a heated debate over whether the company is scamming US customers, as they appear to have paid more than double what consumers pay here.

“Six pieces of fried chicken from KFC cost $6.99 in the United States. Who would pay such a high price to eat BBQ chicken?” wrote a netizen.

Another netizen said that the barbecue overloaded Koreans living in America by taking advantage of their desire for Korean fried chicken.

“If BBQ asks for a slightly higher price – because they want to earn foreign currency, I would understand. But that’s too much. I’m afraid they will do the same for local customers,” said the internet user.

However, some people argue that BBQ fried chicken prices cannot be directly compared to those in the United States.

“Considering the cost of living here, you can’t say that BBQ chicken dishes are expensive. Also, Korean fried chicken is of higher quality than American fried chicken, and we normally don’t eat that much chicken. fried Korean style than Koreans do over there,” wrote a Korean living in America.

Another Korean living in California said current barbecue prices for his fried chicken dishes seemed reasonable given recent global inflation.

“When I first came to California in 2012, a barbecue fried chicken was $18. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, it was $23. However, it’s $30 now because of inflation. “It’s not just the barbecue that sells fried chicken at such a high price. Other Korean fried chicken restaurants have raised the prices of their dishes by 20-50% after the pandemic,” a writes the consumer.

BBQ claimed that it charges the appropriate amount for its fried chicken in the United States.

“We don’t charge more than other Korean fried chicken restaurants there. I think it’s a good thing that our menu items get the right price in the United States. we hope BBQ will become America’s favorite. K-food is taking this as a boost,” a BBQ manager said.