Leeds Honest Burgers launches new limited edition burger with Truffle Guys

Honest Burgers is serving the special dish at its restaurants across the country in November, including its Cloth Hall Street location.

Co-founded by friends Tom Barton and Philip Eeles in 2009, honest burgers began with the couple cooking British burgers in a field at a local food festival. The following year Tom and Phil opened a small restaurant in Brixton Market. They have since opened over 40 restaurants across England and Wales, including Leeds.

The limited-edition burger mixes Honest Burgers-brand beef patty, with white truffle mayonnaise and truffle julienne fries, all made with premium quality truffles harvested in Italy. The dish is served with taleggio cheese, smoked bacon, peppery arugula and pickles.

Special dish from Honest Burger in collaboration with the Truffle Guys.

The truffle burger was a team effort between Honest Burger and one of the UK’s foremost connoisseurs of truffle condiments, the truffle guys. Both companies promise top quality food at an affordable price. The burger is being sold for the usual monthly special price of £14, despite the premium ingredient, and it comes with homemade rosemary crisps.

Truffle Guys co-founders Rikki Constantinou and Jordan Jon added, “Our mission is to make truffles something everyone can enjoy, so we’re thrilled to partner with the team at Honest Burgers, to create this match made in burger paradise. We can’t wait for people to settle in and try.

The Truffle Guys brings their signature truffle dust, umami-rich seasoning and white truffle oil to the dish.

Adam Layton, Head of Collaboration at Honest Burgers, said, “Truffle is a big, bold flavor that we’ve seen perform well in a few of our local specialties. It’s high time we dropped a rich and decadent truffle special, and the Truffle Guys are the guys to bring it to life.

“Rikki and Jordan manage to deliver so many ‘truffles’ for their money, with their signature white truffle oil and truffle dust, that we can really pack a punch without charging a premium. It’s genius stuff.”

The Truffle Burger will be available all November through Monday the 28th at Honest Burger stores.