Local MasterChef winner Kelsey Murphy will have food on the Grubhub app

The Fishers winner of last season’s “MasterChef” is going all over the country with her cooking.

Kelsey Murphy created two of the menu items on MasterChef Table, a delivery-only virtual restaurant brand available on Gruhub.

The offering is intended to give customers a taste of the cuisine of some favorite recent contestants, although none of the items are among those prepared for the show.

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The menu of dishes prepared by Murphy, Season 10 winner Dorian Hunter, Season 9 champion Gerron Hurt and Season 10 contestant Michael Silverstein will go live Wednesday in more than 20 markets, including New York, Chicago , Boston and Washington, DC.

But Indianapolis-area residents won’t be able to taste the food right away. The virtual restaurant will add markets this summer and fall as it contracts with brick-and-mortar restaurants to cook food. There is no signature restaurant about preparing food locally.

Food to include in the Grubhub menu

There are 11 comfort foods, including appetizers, sides, and main courses, which range in price from $5 to $22.

“We try to get all price points,” Murphy said, “so everyone can enjoy the food we offer at MasterChef Table.”

Murphy’s dishes include the Spicy Maple Bacon Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Elotes Shrimp Skewers.

Also on the menu are fajitas smothered in Hunter’s queso; buffalo chicken poppers and fries; Hurt’s Nashville Hot Shrimp Tacos; and Silverstein’s three-patty burger.

The chefs started developing the recipes more than a year ago, said Murphy, who was a physical therapist before moving to “MasterChef” in season 11.

“We wanted them to be accessible, but with our ‘MasterChef’ touch on them,” she said.

Murphy’s Chicken Sandwich is topped with jalapenos, coleslaw and a spicy mayonnaise. His shrimp are layered on Mexican corn.

She said she was guided by her personal tastes.

“These are things that I personally like to eat. I like to focus on modern American cuisine which I love to cook,” she said. “Elotes is my favorite dish. If I see it on the menu, I want to eat it.

Fishers Test Kitchen and MasterChef Table menu

She approaches her menu at her restaurant Fishers, Chef Kelsey Murphy’s Inspo, in the same way.

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The counter-service restaurant opened at Fishers Test Kitchen in March with a menu of lobster rolls; Sticky Asian Chicken Wings; Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya and an Ancient Grain Bowl with Sweet Potatoes, Caramelized Onions, Avocado, and Tahini Miso Dressing.

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The MasterChef Table menu is the latest project to emerge from the cooking competition TV series the country won in September.

In March, she teamed up with Hurt in cooking demonstrations at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago on behalf of Dutch company Arovo, which sells “MasterChef” brand cookware, tableware and kitchen appliances. . She is also writing a cookbook.

MasterChef Table dishes are available through the Grubhub app and on grubhub.com.

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