Malaysian dad mistakes Planta margarine for dish soap and washes plates with it

Recently, a video emerged of a Malaysian father mistakenly using Planta margarine as dish soap.

TikTok user @Afifie mentioned that her dad usually does the washing up after meals. While he was doing the dishes, he realized they had used all the Axion (dish soap), so he opened a new one.

However, it wasn’t until he started doing the dishes that he realized he was using Planta, NOT Axion.

Watch the full video below:

The video mentioned that the newly purchased Planta was supposed to be used for cooking Nasi Biryani, but since the accident happened, the whole pot of butter can no longer be used.

This video garnered almost 650,000 views on Tiktok, and many netizens left their comments on the hilarious post.

Here’s what netizens said:

“So who’s going to wash the plates again?”

“The plate would shine later.”

Picture 0460

“HAHAHA if my mother saw that, she would want all of Taman to know about it.”

Picture 0459

Seriously, you better be careful and check out items that have similar packaging before using or consuming them, otherwise the consequences would be horrible!

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