Martha Stewart’s Bacon Grilled Corn Recipe is a Tasty Summer Side Dish – SheKnows

Corn on the cob is a summer staple. It’s cheap, in season, and super fresh all summer long — but there are only so many ways to dress up the side dish for the backyard barbecue. Walk in Martha Stewart’s Bacon Grilled Corn Recipe! Yes, you read that right: bacon. This tried-and-true Stewart recipe breathes new life into corn with an incredibly flavorful makeover, thanks to the kitchen mogul’s savory homemade bacon dressing.

Since just about everything tastes better on the grill during the summer, Stewart starts her extremely simple corn on the cob recipe by shucking each ear of corn and charring them on the grill. Once they’re ready, remove the corn and allow it to cool before adding the flavorful dressing. Mayonnaise, chopped bacon, fresh oregano, Parmesan, salt and pepper are then combined – spread evenly over the corn for an irresistible dressing.

In her recipe on Martha Stewart’s official website, she notes that it’s “a Mediterranean twist on the classic Mexican snack.” As delicious as her savory bacon-inspired summer corn recipe is, there are other unique corn recipe ideas that are also great for summer barbecues, like Ina Garten’s confetti corn or her Sagaponack corn. If corn isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other summer side dishes that you can add to your lunch and dinner during the warmer months of the season, including barbecue sides that you can prepare in your slow cooker.

We can’t wait to try this bacon flavored grilled corn recipe at our next summer cookout.

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