MasterChef Bhel Puri Dish Leaves Indian Netizens Amused

The MasterChef Bhel Puri dish prepared by Australian Sarah Todd amused the Indians with the situation and the judge’s reactions. The MasterChef Australia contestant prepared the dish for a ten-minute challenge and was praised by the judges for the tasty dish.

Culinary reality show MasterChef Australia had a 10-minute pressure challenge in which contestant Sarah Todd created a plate of bhel puri. Bhel puri is an Indian savory snack and a type of chaat made with puffed rice, vegetables and chutney.

A Twitter user detailed the incident and expressed amusement. The user tweeted“Someone made Bhel Puri at Masterchef Australia and the judge was like – ‘You packed such complex flavors in there and the raw onions were amazing, how did you manage to do this in 10 minutes!’ “”

Another user responded with an incident where contestants had to do Khandvi for the “Pasta not Pasta” round. The challenge was given by Gujarati chef Helly Raichura and contestants Poh Ling Yeow, Ben Ungermann and Rose Adam had to do the Khandvi.

A user mentioned how contestant Ali Stoner also cooked an Indian dish during MasterChef Australia, papdi chaat.

Other Twitter users commented on how Todd was praised for making Bhel Puri in 10 minutes and joked about how quickly street vendors prepare their food. User said street vendors usually prepare it in 1 minute.

In Todd’s Instagram post, she talked about her thought process behind making bhel puri. She said that when she thought of a tasty dish she could make in 10 minutes, her first thought was bhel puri.

Todd also wrote about how bhel puri should be eaten right after it is made to ensure it is crunchy. If a person waits too long, the puffed rice becomes soggy.

Sarah Todd had previously won acclaim for cooking a Goan Vindaloo dish. The Australian chef first appeared on MasterChef Australia in 2013. Todd owns two restaurants in India, one in Mumbai and another in Goa. She opened her first restaurant in Goa, Antares. She opened her second restaurant The wine rack in Bombay.

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