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The warmth you get from a hot bowl of soup on a rainy day is unmatched. Add noodles to it and you have an absolute winner! While #DelhiRains has you craving for that comfort food, here’s a look at some of the corners of the city where you can enjoy delicious soup noodles. Each location has a different variety, prepared in a unique style. So next time it’s pouring rain, be sure to head there with your friends to beat the post-rain chill with a cool, hot serving.

Yellow, yellow man!

(LR) Parth Agrawal, Pranit Ghuge and Tamanna Bahl say they keep going back to their favorite spot in Majnu ka Tila for a bowl of Yellow Laphing soup, especially during the rains. (Photo: Manish Rajput/HT)

Laping or Laphing is a spicy, cold mung bean noodle dish in Tibetan cuisine. A serving of Yellow Laphing Soup, which is basically Laphing immersed in a spicy broth, is one of the best choices when it comes to soup noodles. “Laphing soup is spicy and a perfect dish to enjoy in the rain,” says Tamanna Bahl, an aspiring CAT from Delhi, adding, “I was eagerly waiting for the monsoon to come into full swing in Delhi so I could head to my favorite joints and have a bowl of this treat that I love to eat…uh sip…I mean do both (laughs)! I just want to visit again and again with my friends to enjoy this soup much more.

Sipping from his bowl, fellow student Parth Agrawal adds, “This joint serves three variations of the soup – the yellow, white and peanut soup – and they are all equally tasty.”

Where: Laphing Express, Majnu ka Tila

Price: 40

Live from the Himalayan region

Rucha Bhagwat (L) with his friends, walks to the Sikkim Food Stall in Dilli Haat, whenever they long for a hot bowl of Thukpa. (Photo: Manish Rajput/HT)

When in Delhi, you should try Thukpa! A favorite among many foodies, this dish consists of buckwheat noodles in a delicious broth cooked with lots of vegetables. Rucha Bhagwat, UX designer at an IT company, who visited Dilli Haat to get my hands on one of the best Thukpas available in the capital, shares, “I visited this particular joint for the first time, at a friend’s recommendation, and since then have become an ardent fan. Whenever it rains heavily, I feel the urge to come back here all the more to have this aromatic Thukpa as this dish is best savored in such weather. And this joint here in the heart of the city sets it up really well.

Diwan Singh, Food Stand Manager, adds, “Thukpa is indeed the most popular dish on our menu. We serve chicken, pork, egg and vegetarian versions of this dish, and they are all equally popular with regulars at our stall.

Where: Sikkim Food Stall, Dilli Haat, INA

Price: 210

A pinch of Burmese flavor

Mohinga Ramyun has it all: chickpea broth, rice noodles, vegetables and meat. (Photo: Manish Rajput/HT)

Often referred to as Myanmar’s national dish, Mohinga is a broth that acquires a special taste when served as Mohinga Ramyun. Savoring the signature dish, in a small Burmese restaurant, Rick, a graduate of IIM, tells us: “I’ve been there before, but this time I took my friends, especially to taste the Mohinga Ramyun. This dish is a preparation of rice noodles in a well-seasoned broth made from chickpeas, banana stem and lemongrass. You can order it with chicken, shrimp or eggs or just keep it vegetarian. I have tried the Burmese Ramyun before and can guarantee that the version served here is as true to the authentic preparation as possible.

Where: Mohinga, Humayunpur

Price: 160

Man chaha, manchow!

Manchow noodle soup has the perfect balance between the heat of soup and the crispiness of fried noodles. (Photo: Manish Rajput/HT)

Food vans offer a whole different experience at the soup noodle rendezvous, while traveling around town. Surrounded by many colleges, one of those popular food trucks, Tankush has Chinese Manchow noodle soup on its menu. This spicy vegetable broth is topped with crispy fried noodles, making it a perfect combo for taste buds that crave the sip and snack. Vivek Pandey, owner, says: “Hum 1999 se yahan soup bech rahe hain. Manchow soup has always been a hit with many students who come here from different colleges. Aur jab bhi baarish hoti hai tab toh yeh jagah students se bhari hui hi milegi aapko.

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student Vamika Goel, who we spot at this booth with her friends, shares, “Today was a reunion for my school friends. One of the guys from our group suggested we go down to this place for Chinese noodle soups, I was craving soup anyway and the Manchow noodle soup here catered for me (smiles).

Where: Tankush, Qutab Institutional Area

Price: 100

Satisfy the Korean craze

Jjamppongg is a soup that must be tried by anyone who wants to taste Korean delicacies. (Photo: Manish Rajput/HT)

Korean food lovers in the capital know and have a special place in their hearts for Korean Jjamppongg, which is a thick and hot soup base comprising wheat noodles, meat and a variety of vegetables. “This Korean soup is perfect to sip during the monsoon, and given the spicy flavor the noodles in it acquire, we get a lot of orders. In fact, it is one of the most beloved dishes on our menu as it gives an authentic taste of Korean cuisine in Delhi,” shares Sahil, owner of Kia’s Cafe, who has Chicken Jjamppongg as his signature dish. It can also be eaten as a seafood or vegetable avatar.

Where: Kia Cafe, Lajpat Nagar II

Price: 300

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