Nacho Mama’s Will Wow You With Their Signature Dish and More: Grand Opening November 5

Debra LeComb is a Nacho expert and knows what people like. Nachos stacked and prepared with good ingredients. His new restaurant Nacho Mama’s will offer these and more, including cocktails.

Photo by Patrick Robinson

Debra LeComb is pretty sure you’ll love her new restaurant in White Center, Nacho Mama’s.

UPDATE: Nacho Mama’s will be celebrating the grand opening on Saturday, November 5 at 9 a.m. and will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Regular hours will change from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. thereafter.

After all, everywhere she went, her Nachos Supreme were so popular that people practically begged her to come back.

His new restaurant opens at 9418 Delridge Way SW on November 1 in a soft opening as they get everything ready.

Nachos were originally created by and named after Ignacio Anaya, who created them in 1941 for the customers of the Victory Club restaurant in Piedras Negras, Coahuila so that they would have true Hispanic heritage.

Since their invention however, they have been made and remade countless times.

For LeComb, who is of Native American descent, only authentic styling is worth doing. “I laid down a layer of good fries, a layer of cheese sauce, then put some seasoned hot ground beef, put some olives, tomatoes and onions on the side and a little sour cream with a sprinkle of grated cheese too. You want it so the cheese goes away when you get a chip.”

It’s like a tower of Nachos, she says.

This delicious dish is more than enough for two people and it only costs $12.95.

Nachos Supreme are even available for takeout, and LeComb will soon be adding delivery services. That cheese sauce? It goes sideways when delivered or taken out. Its food is meant to be a more casual party style than full entrees. That means it’s perfect for sports parties or other gatherings. Nachos reheat easily in the oven.


Her new space seats 30 people and in addition to her signature nachos, she will be offering “Lollipop Chicken Wings” which is a recipe she originally got from the New Luck Toy, the original that was in the junction. .

Also featured are Indian fried breads and take-out lunch boxes. Morning breakfasts on weekdays will consist of burritos and a variety of breakfast sandwiches, but on weekends she will serve an expanded breakfast menu including eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles and more. Breakfast products will be served from 07:00 every morning.

With a good breakfast hard to find in White Center, this will be a welcome addition.

You can grab a beer, a glass of wine, and even simple cocktails at Nacho Mama’s and she’s working on a signature cocktail, maybe even a Nacho Mama Margarita.

She brings two big-screen TVs to watch sports and will slowly expand the menu based on staff. Indeed while she is cooking at the beginning, she is looking for a chef. “It’s a pretty simple job,” she laughs, “I’m happy to train you. I need at least two cooks.” Anyone can do it. Contact her directly if you want to be trained as Nacho Chef.

Nacho Mama’s will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

Call them with your order at 253-329-1212

Nacho Mama is at 9418 Delridge Way SW.
Native American art is part of the decor.
lollipop chicken
Lollipop Chicken has meaty portions.
Nacho Supreme
Nachos Supreme is more than enough for two people.