Nearly 30% of people think it’s the best side dish for a barbecue

The winner, or the side dish of choice among those polled in our tasting table survey, was baked beans, which got nearly 30% of the vote (28.35%, to be exact, because it was the first choice of 146 of the 515 respondents. ). There’s no doubt that baked beans are a perfect addition to any potluck or picnic, but what elevates them to a barbecue classic is their versatility. As the New England Historical Society notes, baked beans are often associated with “Beantown” or Boston, and although this city favors molasses when cooking its baked beans, the dish can also accommodate a myriad of dishes. other ingredients, from spicy mustard to bourbon to onions. . The side dish is also readily available in a can, as evidenced by our ranking of the 12 best canned baked beans.

Potato salad finished second in our side dish poll, earning 25.24% of the votes (or 130 responses). Potato salad proponents can claim a regional bias, if they choose. Our third place finish, meanwhile, was the coleslaw. This BBQ side dish garnered a respectable 19.42% of the vote, finding favor with over 100 survey participants. We could argue with those who say, as Our Best Bites does, that sweet and tangy Memphis-style coleslaw is iconic, but since now is barbecue season, why argue when we could eat? Plus, the one thing we probably all agree on is that there’s room for a lot of sides in any good barbecue.