New Tasting Menus in Chicago

A surprising number of high-end tasting menus have debuted during the pandemic. Here’s a little list to catch up on all those birthdays you spent at home.


Opening date : October 2021
Signature dish: 1. Snails in the Woods: Braised and fried snails in tempura with mushroom and truffle “soil”, truffle shavings, fresh herb “moss” and edible flowers. 2. Bento Box: foie gras wrapped in tuna garnished with fermented ponzu; scallop cracker garnished with a confit egg yolk, chili pepper threads and togarashi; potato caviar donut; cuttlefish ink madeleines
Number of lessons: 8 to 10; 10 to 15 for the chef’s table
Number of hours: 3
Price: Menu ($225; $265 for the chef’s table); drinks ($195, reserve $245)
Booking information: 3 months ahead of Tock


The husband-wife team of Jenner Tomaska ​​(formerly at Next) and Katrina Bravo craft seasonal menus inspired by Chicago creations, including visual art on display in the restaurant.

Opening date : August 2021
Signature dish: Caviar: sweet potato ice cream, peanut miso caramel, spicy celery sauce, osetra caviar
Number of lessons: 10 to 15
Number of hours: 2.5 to 3
Price: Menus ($185 to $250); drinks (non-alcoholic $115, exploratory $150, classic $250)
Booking information: 2 months ahead of Resy