Recipes for Life – Khloe’s favorite dish

Today, Mercedes Wilson is joined by her friend Michelle who prepares Khloe’s favorite dish. Khloe is her pet dog. The recipe is made with human food. She uses ground turkey, rice, broccoli and seasonings. She even makes Khloe treats made from peanut butter, banana, and yogurt.

She started doing this for her dog Khloe, a two-year-old English bulldog and beagle mix. Michelle says she injured herself a few months ago to the point where she couldn’t walk or jump on things and was in a lot of pain. She says she took her to the vet, and they did a wonderful job and gave her medicine, but she was just sedated, that didn’t solve the problem and she told her pastor about it and she recommended going to an alternative vet, which she did. Michelle says: “One of the things they talked about was considering changing your diet because like human food there are often fillers and just chemicals that really contribute to disease and inflammation. in the body.”

Where does her recipes come from? Michelle says the alternative vet told her what she could make her meal from, so mostly protein, vegetables, and a starch or carbohydrate. She does what her dog isn’t picky. She says you can do all sorts of things; research what’s good for dogs on the internet, Pinterest, all of these places are great sources of recipes and resources for you.

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