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“It’s a tamarind glaze on rice noodles with tofu, egg ribbon, peppers, onions and your choice of protein between chicken, pulled pork, velvety beef or tofu. We sear it at a hot temperature and it’s a delicious dish finished with Brussels sprouts and crispy green onions. We like that.”

He is proud of the sauce he prepares for the dish.

“It’s very important that the Pad Thai sauce is balanced and the way we do that is with a component of salt and fish which we make sure is well balanced and wok seared and has that special flavor. of Pad Thai.”

Smoljanovic has been honing his wok skills for five years.

A great lover of this style of Thai cuisine, he wanted to add his personal touch to some of his favorite dishes.

“The wok style of cooking excites me the most. It takes a lot of technique, it takes a lot of balance, and it’s something you can’t master overnight, it takes time and practice. I made a lot of good pad thai but not before I made some bad ones.

Still relatively new to the local culinary scene, Smoljanovic tries to source as many local ingredients as possible, with some of his products sourced from China and other parts of Southeast Asia, which helps give him a taste. more authentic.

He credits the support he received from his staff, which includes his sister and fellow chef/business partner, for helping put their location on the map in such a short time.

“We’re going to put our heart and mind into growing our business, listening to our customers and growing our menu and just adding more delicious favorites as we move forward.”

He is currently working on a chocolate-filled bao for dessert, which he hopes will be on the menu soon.

Smoljanovic came up with the name of the restaurant himself and said he thought it was a cool name that also reflects how the star of most of their dishes is the wok.

“To cook this style of food takes a certain level of skill and ability, which I think when you’re really good at it, you’re a Wok star.”

So far, his clients seem to really appreciate his efforts, with business much busier than expected.

“We really feel like the business is about to kick off and we’re very excited about it. We just want to keep our heads down, work hard, and make sure that at the end of the day, customers get a delicious meal.

Wok Stars is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday except Friday, when it’s open until 7 p.m., with take-out and take-out currently the only options available.

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