Someone turned the viral TikTok grinder salad into a pasta dish

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Some TikTok recipes end up being fads, but there are others that we incorporate into our regular menu rotation. Baked feta pasta is the one that stuck – we first tried it because of TikTok, but it’s really an easy way to make a tasty weeknight dinner without having to sit around too long. above the stove. We also loved the TikTok Viral Crusher Salad, a crunchy side dish that goes just as well on a sandwich as it does on its own in a large bowl. So when we saw that someone had turned this viral recipe into another delicious dish, we knew we had to try it. World, welcome to Chopper Pasta Salad.

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🚨🚨🚨 okay this one is fire. Viral grinder sandwich inspired by FTW pasta salad. Full recipe on my website, hit the green button above the caption to see it! #Pasta #pasta salad #food #pastatiktok #viral #grindersandwich #kitchen #easyrecipe #fyp

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Pasta salad is one of our favorite summer dishes for several reasons. First, it’s usually best to make it ahead of time, as the pasta needs time to soak up all the flavor of the dressing. Second, it’s always nice to have a cold dish at the table when it’s very hot and humid outside. Last but not least, it’s pasta, and if there’s one thing we love, it’s pasta. We’ve even already pre-ordered TikTok star The Pasta Queen’s new cookbook.

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So when we saw the TikTok user’s new recipe @FoodsOfJane, we immediately knew it would be the ultimate summer lunch, BBQ side dish, and potluck star. And this recipe has already gone viral too – at the time of writing, the TikTok Chopper Pasta Salad has over 659,000 views.

The pasta salad has pretty much all the same ingredients you’d find in the viral chopper salad recipe: iceberg lettuce, pepperoncini peppers, mozzarella or provolone cheese, red onion, turkey, and salami. The dressing is made from mayonnaise, red wine vinegar,
and Italian seasonings.

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Courtesy of Liokareas.

Some TikTok viewers were a little concerned that iceberg lettuce would get soggy quickly if you tried to make this dish ahead of time, but one offered this suggestion: use collard greens or nappa cabbage instead of lettuce to add a sweet crunch similar to salad that is a bit more forgiving. The recipe creator also recommends just adding the lettuce just before serving, even if you’re making the rest ahead of time.

What would be your ideal additions to this TikTok viral chunky pasta salad?

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