Sunny Anderson’s pasta, pancetta and peas are an elegant and easy dish

For the ultimate easy lunch or dinner recipe, Food Network star Sunny Anderson’s pasta, pancetta and peas will satisfy and impress.

Here’s how to make this incredibly easy dish.

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Anderson’s recipe only requires a handful of ingredients

The Culinary Personality dish calls for seven simple items: fettuccine, diced pancetta, chopped onion, frozen peas, chopped garlic, grated parmesan and half a lemon juice.

Pancetta Anderson works with in the Food Network video, link below, as this recipe is a thick cut of the Italian cured pork belly. “If you don’t have pancetta, you can use bacon,” she explains.

She recommends running “your knife through your pancetta.” The goal, she said, is to “make really good chunks or lardons of that.” Lardon is pork fat used to flavor other foods, and in this dish it is particularly amazing.

“We’re going to use the fat from our pancetta to sauté our onions,” Anderson added. Once the pieces of pancetta are browned, she makes the crispy and salty nuggets, sets them aside, cooks the chopped onions in the remaining fat.

Sunny Anderson’s Recipe Makes a Quick and Stylish Meal

While the pasta cooks in boiling water, the chef gets busy on this dish by adding minced garlic to the almost translucent onions cooking in pork fat.

The frozen peas are then mixed. Anderson offers a tip for incorporating these rock-solid peas into this dish: “Take them out at first [when you start cooking]; by the time they’re ready to go in, they’ve just thawed out a bit.

The co-host of The kitchen drain the pasta and the cooked noodles are poured into the mixture of peas, garlic and onion. In addition to the pasta, cooked pancetta is added to the pan, along with Parmesan cheese, “about half a cup,” Anderson suggests.

It’s all tossed into the pan to reveal a pretty dish where green peas stud the pasta, along with bites of rusty red pancetta and golden flecks of onions and garlic.

Anderson finishes this dish with a good squeeze of lemon juice.

Get the full recipe, reviews and video on the Food Network website.

Critics loved Anderson’s twist on this Italian dish

A guaranteed crowd pleaser, Sunny Anderson’s Pancetta and Pea Pasta has a little something for everyone, as noted by reviewers on the Food Network site. And many accepted the chef’s suggestion to replace the pancetta with bacon.

“Great dish to make with ingredients from the pantry and freezer. I used bacon and freshly grated pecorino, lots of fresh black pepper and lemon. So easy and delicious,” wrote one home cook.

Another person said: “The whole family loved this recipe! I didn’t have any lemon juice on hand, didn’t run out, and used whole wheat pasta for a healthier note.

Finally, one reviewer praised Anderson’s recipe item ratio: “Super delicious! I was worried that incorporating the parmesan into the dish would make it too cheesy, but it was a perfect balance of all those ingredients. I will definitely return to this recipe.

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