Team stuffing or mashed potatoes? Study shows state preferences for Thanksgiving

(NEXSTAR) — When it comes to the Thanksgiving side dish, America is divided, according to a new study.

Campbell’s recently released its Side Status Report for 2022 and asked Americans how they preferred to fuel up on Thanksgiving Day.

The study found that two-thirds of respondents preferred side dishes to main course, with the top five holiday dishes ranked in order: stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and cheese macaroni.

While stuffing took first place in most states, 22 states ranked mashed potatoes first, according to the study. Massachusetts was the only state to be equally divided when it came to the Turkey Day debate.

Campbell’s told Nexstar they partnered with SWNS Media Group and Dotdash Meredith to lead the investigation. The company’s research also used data from Google trends as well as social and traditional media.

As for state-specific findings, the report found that the prank could go by another name, depending on where you are. In Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, you might hear it called “dressing room.”

Arkansas, Alaska and Idaho all prefer their sides not touching, according to the study, while residents of Maine, Washington and Oregon are most likely to be creative and make sandwiches with leftovers.

However, choosing Thanksgiving sides may not be the most important decision many families will make this year. A new report of Wells Fargo suggests that with inflation soaring this year, it may make more sense for some families to eat their Thanksgiving meal at a nice restaurant and ditch the stress of preparation.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) data shows grocery store price increases over the past year have been nearly double that of restaurant food (9.81% vs. 5.79%) .

And if it’s not the price but the prospect of eating the same dishes for another year, maybe you should try something new – 54% of respondents said they plan to do just that.