The chicken and banana dish served to Titanic’s first-class diners

This chicken-banana dish is known as Chicken Maryland, by spruce eats. The site shares that famous French chef Auguste Escoffier is credited with reviving this dish in his book “Ma Cuisine”. However, Fannie Merritt Farmer included a recipe for it in his 1896 publication, “The Boston Cooking School Cookbook, where she called the dish Chicken Maryland. Escoffier’s and Farmer’s recipes are quite similar. A quick look at the recipes reveals that this meal features boneless breaded chicken fried in butter covered in gravy or cream sauce.

The farmer’s recipe makes no mention of bananas as a side dish, and it is unclear when this fruit became part of the meal. But as Spruce Eats notes, Escoffier wasn’t the only chef to use bananas in his version of this dish. Visit Maryland touts his recipe for Chicken Maryland and explains that bananas were, at one time, one of the biggest imports to the Port of Baltimore, which perhaps explains why this fruit was used to garnish this dish. So if you have an aversion to all things bananas and are considering ordering Chicken Maryland when you see it on the menu, you have three options: reconsider your order, ask the server to hold the fruit, or embrace the philosophy. YOLO and give it away. A try.