The chicken (rice) that crossed the seas: our local favorite has a moment – in Los Angeles

Food trends are plentiful and plentiful – some don’t even stick around long enough to be a thing. But our humble Hainanese chicken rice dish is enjoying something of a renaissance…just not in Singapore.

First of all, the origins of Hainanese chicken rice are rooted in the province of Hainan in southern China and started from the Wenchang chicken dish where a small, meaty chicken is cooked in a style similar to poaching. The cooked meat is then eaten with a dip made from ginger and salt. The chicken rice dish we now know and love was created by immigrants from Hainan who moved to different parts of Southeast Asia.

In Los Angeles, a Koreatown sandwich shop called Open Market released Hainan Chicken Salad Sando.

In a Publish on food platform Eater, chef Andrew Marco of Open Market said: “I didn’t cook much for this one because I just didn’t know anyone wanted it, but we sold 25 – that’s all I had – in less than an hour.”

Open Market isn’t the only restaurant in Los Angeles to put its twist on Hainanese chicken rice. At Jeff’s Table you can get a Hainan turkey sub and at Yang’s Kitchen a fish version of the rice dish is available.

It’s good to see our little dish flying its flag somewhere else — and it’s a new form — but some in the comments still vouch for the OG version.

While we joke and make fun of you:

Do you think Singapore is ready for a chicken and rice sandwich?

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