The Dish: This Cheese Dip from Agave Loco has a can’t-miss secret weapon, and it starts with a ‘B’ | Food and cooking

Tonya Balaam Reed

I am the person who could happily eat my meal from the appetizer menu. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the main event, but who says appetizer can’t substitute for entree.

Frequent readers of this space know that one of my favorite appetizers is fries and salsa. They are just lovely companions. I guess like peanut butter and jelly, if you like peanut butter and jelly. I’d rather just have a bowl of peanuts and drink a Coke, but that’s me.

Fries and salsa, however, are on par with fries and cheese dip, and that was the subject of The Dish this week. But it wasn’t just any cheese dip. It was a combination I had never had before. With bacon.

Much to my delight, Agave Loco Mexican Grill on Opelika Road in Auburn has a number of dips on its appetizer menu. I have never seen so many. But it was the cheese dip with bacon that appealed to me.

The bacon bits added a smoky touch to the creamy cheese dip. It didn’t overpower it, but gave it a depth of flavor I had never experienced before. And the bacon bits aren’t just sprinkled on top. They are mixed. In fact, the dip is full of bacon bits. Plus you get plenty of dip.

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With tax, my appetizer, which of course came with fries, was $6.27. I also received a cup of salsa. (Tip: try some salsa, which is tomato-based, with the dip. Next level.)

Discover Agave Dips. Maybe cheese dip with spinach is more to your liking, or chipotle dip is your favorite. Or you might want to keep it classic with Cheese Dip. And that’s just three of them. Like I said, I’ve never seen so many.

Address: 1032 Opelika Road, Auburn

Phone number: 334-826-0150