The Le Creuset Dupe Amazon MasterClass Dutch Oven Now Available in NEW Spring Colors

The £38.56 MasterClass casserole that shoppers are comparing to the Crucible now comes in three NEW spring colors

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the MasterClass Cast Aluminum 2.5L Round Casserole garnered a loyal fanbase on Amazon, often selling out as soon as it went on sale.

Backed by over 1,000 Amazon shoppers, many have compared the quality and performance to the Crucible, but at a fraction of the price.

Made from cast aluminum, which conducts heat quickly for fast, even cooking, it weighs significantly less than traditional cast iron, making it a snap to use. Now the best-selling dish comes in three irresistible new dishes spring colors that are sure to brighten up your kitchen, perfect for any summer entertaining.

MasterClass 2.5L Cast Aluminum Round Casserole in Green

Whatever you’re serving up this summer, the MasterClass 2.5L Cast Aluminum Round Casserole will help you do it in style – and at a great price of £38.56

The MasterClass Round Cast Aluminum Casserole can help you create jaw-dropping dishes this summer.

Thanks to the stainless steel base, it’s safe for all heat sources, including induction hobs and ovens, while the self-basting lid makes for extra-moist simmered meats.

It now comes in three new colors, including mint, lavender and green.


the MasterClass Cast Aluminum 2.5L Round Casserole could be your thing for cooking juicy roasts and extra tender stews this summer.

Although cast iron pans are traditionally considered the best in terms of quality and durability, they can be very heavy, not to mention incredibly expensive.

the MasterClass dish offers many of the benefits of a cast iron dish, but is lightweight, easy to handle and an absolute steal at just £31.69.

At only 1.15 kg, the MasterClass Saucepan is significantly lighter than other cult kitchen giants Le Creuset, but with three striking new colors to choose from, it’s just as eye-catching. This is one pan you won’t want to hide.

Now available in lavender, mint and green, the cocotte is pretty enough to serve at any summer get-together.

Scoring big points for its versatility, the stainless steel base is safe for any heat source, including induction hobs and ovens. You can use it to cook bolognese, stews, curries, roast meats and soups – think of it as your helper in the kitchen.

Even better, thanks to the self-basting lid, it locks in all the moisture, ensuring your meats are cooked perfectly every time.

The MasterClass 2.5L Cast Aluminum Round Casserole with Lid is now available in three new spring colors including Mint, Lavender and Green

The MasterClass 2.5L Cast Aluminum Round Casserole with Lid is now available in three new spring colors including Mint, Lavender and Green

Buyers hailed MasterClass dish 'just as good' as Le Creuset

Buyers hailed MasterClass dish ‘just as good’ as Le Creuset

the original MasterClass Cast Aluminum 2.5L Round Casserole in black has already found its way into hundreds of Amazon kitchen cabinets.

Buyers were so impressed with the quality and performance that it drew comparisons to the much more expensive Le Creuset, which at £159 for a 2.6L is significantly more expensive.

One delighted buyer wrote: ‘This pan replaced our old Le Creuset which was a pain to clean and had started to lose bits of enamel.

“Our first impression was how light this new casserole dish is, made from cast aluminum, but it’s remarkably strong and not flimsy at all. The non-stick interior is strong and incredibly effective.

Another agreed, adding, “I love everything about this pan. Perfect for stove-top, oven-to-table cooking. Even heat distribution without colder zones.’

A third wrote: “Bought this to replace a Le Creuset casserole dish. My wife had trouble getting it out of the oven when it was full. This Master Class stock pot has made such a difference and the cooking performance is just as good.