The Lux dish that Princess Anne loves

You have probably heard of a Stuffed egg, but have you ever heard of the evil pheasant? This is the dish Princess Anne shared as one of her personal favorites when she edited an issue of country life in July 2020. The recipe is not particularly complicated to make, however, it includes an ingredient that may not come to mind when you imagine preparing a dish with game birds: whipped cream.

Princess Anne’s favorite Devil’s Pheasant recipe, which was shared with Country Life, is a bit fancy, in that it comes from the Ritz’s executive chef in London, John Williams. Whereas southern life notes that “devilish” food traditionally means “cooking something with pungent spices or condiments” like cayenne pepper and mustard, this dish is more decadent than spicy.

According Chief Williams, the preparation begins by boiling two whole pheasants with herbs and vegetables (including carrots, onions and the royally taboo garlic), then removing the meat from the bone and letting it simmer in the cooking juices. While the meat is sitting, whip up a batch of fresh whipped cream and let it cool until stiff, then stir in the Worcestershire sauce and Sharwood’s Green Label Mango Chutney. Drain the meat and place it in a serving dish, then pour the cream mixture over it and cook in the oven for about 10 minutes before serving. And There you go ! You’ve cooked yourself a meal fit for royalty.