The old Dab Lounge is now Deep Dish Lounge, and the pizza is good | food drink

Here’s the thing: Deep Dish Lounge has a lot to recommend, but the establishment’s presentation still needs some work.

The buffalo wings are properly fried before being drizzled with a classic spicy and tangy sauce, although they don’t come with celery or blue cheese dressing. The pizza is good. The crust is really good, chewy, with a fluffy, crispy golden ring of dough around the outside that means amazing pizza bones. Puffy spots on the bottom add more personality. The thick, rich, tomato sauce they’re heavy on needs just a touch of salt or Parmesan cheese to round out the flavor. We try the pepperoni, as well as the sausage with peppers and onions. I would happily eat either one, although the mild, fresh flavors of the peppers make it my favorite. And I think the price is right, between $8 and $14 for a 10 inch pie and between $12 and $18 for a 14 inch pie. (Their Facebook page notes gluten-free crust and dairy-free cheese options, but we don’t see that anywhere onsite.)

The staff, made up of a guy in the kitchen and one behind the counter during our visit, is very friendly. They are accessible and explain that all video games are free if you buy food, or you can buy a pass to just play the games. What games? Two rooms full of well maintained arcade style video games like Galaga, Frogger, X-Men, The Simpsons, Pac-Man and Centipede. They are clean, no dust on the top or sticky spots on the consoles. Somebody pay attention.

Unfortunately, more attention needs to be paid to the rest of the space. From the outside it looks like an unattractive dive bar. Despite large bay windows overlooking the front car park, the interior lacks light, and background music too. We also notice that the tables are dirty and need to be wiped down. And we have to ask for towels when those wings arrive. We’re shown a roll of toilet paper on an adjacent table and told, “That’s what we have right now. They are also not ready to provide us with plates and have to fetch some and wash them for us.

Historically, the company had a difficult start. They started a few years ago as Dab Lounge, but closed when the city shut down the cannabis clubs. After about a year, they reopened at the Deep Dish Lounge on Airport Road. Then, in early April, they relaunched this new location, just outside of Old Colorado City. I’m up for pizza and video games in a casual setting — they’re working on a liquor license and open until 11 p.m. — but it needs to be cleaner and better prepared.