The Queen’s favorite takeaway revealed and it will leave you amazed

Expecting a royal’s favorite takeaway to be a gourmet dish is just too common and Her Majesty is anything but ordinary.

Prince Philips was known to be a foodie and it was believed the monarch could stand and talk about food all day. Although her majesty cannot be called a foodie, there are certain foods she is passionate about.

Please take away

According to a report published in the Mirrorthe queen likes to eat fish and chips when she is at her Scottish holiday home. Her Majesty does not order takeaway very often, but on exceptional occasions when she visits Balmoral every summer, she can’t resist a plate of fish and chips. It’s obvious that there are several excellent local chippies near Her Majesty’s residence in Scotland, and when the mood strikes, she’ll always indulge in the traditional meal.

Each time she places an order, she selects one of the dishes around 10€ from the nearby town of Ballater rather than fancy meals you might expect a queen to eat. She not only likes fish and chips in Balmoral, even when she is in Windsor she prefers to eat it but prefers to cook it rather than have food delivered specially. A source confirms:

She occasionally feasts on fish and chips at Balmoral. A footman is sent to get it from the local town of Ballater.

That’s how she likes her fish

The Queens former chef Darren McGrady once explained to him ‘refined’ taste for eating fish and tokens. McGrady revealed that instead of cooking the fish in batter and frying it in lard or oil, the monarch prefers another way. Instead, she would like her dish to be coated in breadcrumbs and baked. He added:

Fish fried in all that rich, crispy batter was a bit too much for her, she preferred more refined fish and chips.

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