This Martha Stewart Pasta Dish Has an Unexpected “Nutty” Ingredient – SheKnows

If you’re looking for a quick summer pasta dish that doesn’t include the standard basil and mozzarella, then Martha Stewart has you covered. Stewart’s official Instagram posted a pasta recipe that features pancetta, shrimp, garlic, and an unexpected ingredient that adds a buttery mouthfeel and nutty flavor to the dish: beans!

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“This quick pasta contains fava beans – it’s like a cross between asparagus and split peas, with a buttery texture and nutty taste,” read the caption on Martha Stewart’s official Instagram. “They sit alongside shrimp and pancetta in an easy-to-prepare dish.”

The beans come in a long pod that looks like a standard green bean, but is larger in size. To prepare the favas, you will first need to remove them from the pod and blanch them by boiling them for a few minutes and then transferring them to an ice bath.

Then, when the beans are cool, you’ll need to pinch the beans off another layer of skin – we promise, all of these steps will be worth it in the end! You can even make a whole batch of favas ahead of time and freeze them for up to 3 months.

Once the beans are prepared, you are ready to prepare the pasta dish. You can boil any type of pasta you like, reserving some of the pasta water for the sauce. While the pasta cooks, brown pieces of pancetta in a pan and add the beans once the pancetta is golden brown.

Transfer the pancetta and favas to a bowl and sauté your garlic and prawns, along with some chilli. Then add the pancetta and the favas and fold your pasta. Garnish with the remaining cooking water and oil to create a silky sauce. Finally, enjoy!

Find the full recipe at Martha Stewart’s website here. This dish is bursting with flavor, so get ready to dazzle your taste buds.