This microfiber dish mat on sale protects countertops from water.

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The Ternal sink mat is one of those finds you didn’t know you needed, but quickly becomes indispensable. (Over 850 glowing five-star ratings can’t go wrong.) Made from highly absorbent microfiber in sleek gray or black, it’s designed to wrap around standard sized sink faucets and fit snugly under the counter to protect that area from splashes and suds .

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If that sounds basic, it is. That’s the beauty of it. It works by eagerly soaking up spills from the sink, then dries in place. Small company Ternal designed the mat to open and close with a snap button enclosure, so installation only takes seconds. Plus, it can also be flipped over to accommodate a variety of faucet sizes and sink ledges.

“It was, without a doubt, the best kitchen purchase!” a delighted customeradding that it is large enough to hold dish and hand soaps, lotion, and a sponge holder without looking cluttered. It doesn’t just look good, though; the mat is really effective in protecting sinks, backsplashes and as one reviewer discovered, their stainless steel faucet. A washable sink mat also reduces single-use paper towels because another eco-conscious customer Noted.

The standard Ternal Sinkmat is 15 inches long, just over 5 inches wide, and a quarter inch thick. Will it fit your kitchen sink? Probably, yes – if you have a single tap (not raised). This graph is a helpful explainer on which sinks will work with carpet and which styles won’t. The Ohio-based brand has also extra large offer and mini rug to fit a variety of sink spaces.

A critic, an insurance adjuster who recommends carpets to guard against water damage, noted that they should be cleaned or left to dry regularly. Luckily, they’re durable, machine washable, and dryer safe. “We have about three and change them every week,” explained a user. Even if you don’t plan on running yours regularly, it’s worth knowing that they also work great in bathrooms and RVs.

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