This popular ramen restaurant opens in Ottawa and here’s a first look inside (PHOTOS)

There’s a new noodle place in town and it’s sure to warm your soul. Ramen Isshin is opening its first restaurant in Ottawa so we can all enjoy creamy broth and ramen noodles until we burst.

The grand opening is February 18th and they have opening day restaurant specials for most ramen dishes. With several locations already in Toronto, the restaurant in Ottawa has a similar atmosphere, with simple wooden tables and the large purple and red dragon mural on the wall.

Megane Renaud | Narcity

The menu is the same as the other places, apart from one or two dishes. You can start with a savory appetizer of pork gyoza balls, takoyaki fried octopus, aged tofu, or edamame, among others. The gyoza is both crunchy and juicy in every bite. Cooked to perfection, there are no burns or inconsistencies, with an excellent ratio of pork filling to outer wrapper.

Ramen Isshin OttawaMegane Renaud | Narcity

If you’re not a tofu fan, think again. The stereotypical spongy texture of tofu is a distant memory when you bite into the wonderfully chewy Tofu Age. It’s a good portion and comes out hot so you might want to enjoy each piece in two bites. The homemade chili sauce gives it a nice kick without being too spicy. Even edamame has a unique chili flavor, a real step up from the usual base salt.

Ramen Isshin OttawaMegane Renaud | Narcity

You might want to check the menu before you visit, there are so many different ramen options it’s a tough choice. If you still feel a bit of spice and chili flavor, the Spicy SHIO Ramen Bowl has a light, creamy broth with a light kick that isn’t overpowering. Pork is tender and thin, so it’s easy to bite when you inhale noodles. It comes with sesame seeds on the side which you grind in a bowl, the more you grind it the more you will smell the seeds giving more flavor to your dish.

Ramen Isshin OttawaMegane Renaud | Narcity

In addition to the original ramen dishes, they offer Shoyu Ramen, Red Miso, and vegetarian options. If you want to try something different, Tsukemen dunks ramen with double broth and is the owner’s favorite on the menu. It comes in two bowls, one of thick noodles and toppings, a boiling hot broth in another. Be careful, the broth comes out literally bubbling.

Ramen Isshin OttawaMegane Renaud | Narcity

The ramen bowls are deeper than they look, but hopefully you saved room for dessert. There are six flavors of mochi for dessert; strawberry, vanilla, mango, green tea, red bean and chocolate. You’ll bite through fluffy rice batter, into a cold ice cream topping in your choice of flavor. It’s practically bite-sized, worth it even if you’re full of noodles.

Ramen Isshin OttawaMegane Renaud | Narcity

As if the warm environment and delicious food weren’t enough, the staff are welcoming and friendly. If you’re new to trying ramen or have any questions about the meal, they’ll be more than happy to explain the dishes to you and offer any help you might need. Tasty anytime, this restaurant is a perfect dinner idea on a particularly snowy or rainy day.

Isshin Ramen

This popular ramen restaurant opens in Ottawa and here's a first look inside (PHOTOS)

Megane Renaud | Narcity

Price: 💸💸

Type of cuisine: ramen

Address: 775 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: You can warm up with a delicious bowl of creamy ramen, along with appetizers, noodle refills and dessert, it just might turn into a feast you’ll go home satisfied. They open on February 18 from 11:30 a.m.


In Ontario, a vaccine passport is required to access certain events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.