Troupial brings Venezuelan comfort food to Savannah – SCAD District

Written by Emma Pilger. Photo courtesy of Emma Pilger.

Nestled in the heart of the Starland neighborhood, Troupial is a Venezuelan cafe specializing in Venezuelan cuisine and high-quality coffee. Troupial was originally located on Whitaker Street near W Victory Drive. However, the cafe is now located in a newly remodeled classic two-story Savannah house on 43rd Street. This new venue is colorful, bright, and filled with antique tables and chairs that pay homage to southern culture.

On the menu you will find a variety of Venezuelan dishes and coffee options. Each item on the menu is carefully prepared by enthusiasts who want to share Venezuelan culture with Savannah. Proud of its dedication to Venezuela, Troupial’s website states: “The specialty indicates that we consume a traceable product from start to finish and that we are part of the value chain and work of coffee-producing communities and families. of the whole world. This allows us to recognize coffee as an expression of the land. From the cafe to the ambiance, it’s clear that Troupial is run with intentionality and care.

While visiting Troupial for myself, I ordered the “Hey Cappuccina” menu, which includes a mini bread and a drink for $9. I chose an oat milk cappuccino with cheese bread, which was a perfect portion for a breakfast. The cappuccino was smooth and rich, beautifully topped with fluffy milk froth. The cheese bread was distinctly cool and warm and let out warm, fragrant steam when I opened it. The cheese was a Venezuelan cheese, of course, and was cooked to perfection. The salty, crispy top was arguably the best part of the bread and complimented my coffee wonderfully.

Photo courtesy of Emma Pilger.

I was also able to sample Troupial’s Perico Arepa at the Arepa bar, which is one of the cafe’s highlights. An arepa is a bread made from corn dough, which is a cornmeal-based staple in Central and South American cuisine. Troupial’s arepas do not disappoint. They are light, flavorful and crunchy with a warm center. The arepa is split in half and stuffed with a range of fillings like eggs, vegetables, meats and cheeses. The Perico Arepa is stuffed with Venezuelan-style scrambled eggs, onions and tomatoes (and Venezuelan cheese on request). This savory arepa is filling and perfect for any hungry morning.

Photo courtesy of Emma Pilger.

This beautiful cafe is a hidden gem in the city. Troupial’s tasty Venezuelan food and coffee is a gift to Savannah and should be widely known to locals and students alike.