Try These Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes People Will Love As Much As Turkey

OK, remember we started last week in this space talking about Thanksgiving, specifically side dishes.

We’ll continue our admitted one-sided conversation on the sides this week with a handful of my favorite recipes. And, as a bonus, I’ll add an additional recipe for a favorite pre-meal appetizer that will help whet your appetite for the main course.

We all agree that the turkey is the guest of honor at most parties, right? It is the main attraction, the reason for the party, and all the attention is rightly given to its preparation and presentation.

But I think history has shown that the accompaniments, the accompaniments that go with roasted (or fried or smoked) turkey are just as important to the outcome of the meal. Maybe more, if you think about it.

What I’m about to say will border on heretical, but here it is: a turkey is just that – a turkey. Not much if you think about it, other than a great centerpiece for a Thanksgiving meal.

These are the sides that really carry the load and many of us – maybe all of us – have our favorites. I won’t bore you with my devotion to a certain casserole made with French-style canned green beans and mushroom soup.

Some sides are so popular that they have become synonymous with the holiday on the third Thursday in November, almost as much as turkey. Take the cranberry sauce. Most people don’t eat it EXCEPT at Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas.

Check out these side dish recipes: