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TWICEit is Jeong-yeon and Dahyun go means again, but they always remember that their first meeting prefers that it was yesterday!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon

TWICE’s Dahyun

The “SCIENTIST” singers recently had a date at Jeongyeon. After cooking a meal together, they sat down to enjoy the homemade meal and naturally struck up a conversation.

They reminisced about the past, especially their first impressions of each other. According to Jeongyeon, her first reminiscence of Dahyun is the way she used to tie her bangs. Dahyun explained that she was trying to grow them, so she had no choice but to tie them up after they grew up!

  • Jeong-yeon: You’ve always tied your bangs.
  • Dahyun: I used to lift my bangs.

But more than her bangs, Jeongyeon was more shocked by the “eagle dance” she showed during her monthly freestyle dances.

  • Jeong-yeon: To me, it’s your eagle dance.
  • Dahyun: When did we do freestyle dancing?
  • Jeong-yeon: I was so shocked.

Dahyun’s Eagle Dance has long been a fan favorite due to its quirky and distinctive character. She was first seen dancing it during a performance for her church.

She later picked it up on the current affairs program Sixteenwho even galvanized JY Park!

On the other hand, Dahyun’s reminiscence of Jeongyeon is his short hair and long one-sided bangs. Under Jeongyeon’s protection, she was assigned by the administration to JYP Entertainment that suited him.

  • Dahyun: When you were an apprentice, your hair was so fast and you hid your one eye like that.
  • Jeong-yeon: The administration ordered me to do it. They asked me to look higher like that. My hair was always like that.

Fortunately, there were no accidents! In fact, she seems to be beautiful regardless of the hairstyle.

  • Dahyun: Didn’t that bother you? Didn’t that make you travel?
  • Jeong-yeon: No. (laughs)
  • Dahyun: It’s your picture in my memory.

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