We finally know why Chili’s is so cheap

One thing is certain: you never get bored at Chili’s restaurant. With the number of dishes it serves, you could eat there for an entire month and never have the same thing. That’s not always a good thing, however. Chili’s menu has built an inflated reputation over the years, with 125 dishes at its peak (per Today). Recognizing this was a problem, Chili’s decided to make some much needed changes. In 2017, it streamlined its offerings by 40% to free up menu space and favor popular items instead. And by popular, it means the items that made Chile a household name in the first place: ribs, fajitas and burgers, baby.

The benefits of reducing the Chili menu are obvious. There’s the logistics of regularly serving hundreds of different entrees, which takes a lot of time and money. Branding is also a factor. As President of Chile, Kelli Valade declared, “no restaurant can be everything to everyone”, so it’s important to establish a consistent brand identity. But most importantly, it translates to cheaper options that customers will want to flock to because they are high quality and affordable. catering company reports that the chain saw a 3% increase in business after the cuts, so it’s clear customers noticed the change and liked what they saw. Focusing on fewer items — and ones that sell — means Chili’s can deliver the bargains we love.