Why a trendy baking dish is overrated, according to Reddit

A few months ago, a Reddit user posted to the r/cooking community asking members if the Dutch Oven was a necessity in the kitchen. While some members were avid Dutch oven owners, several users claimed that you can achieve similar results with a heavy-duty stock pot or pressure cooker. One Redditor remarked, “If you have a pressure cooker or slow cooker, you probably don’t need the Dutch oven. They all sort of do the same thing.”

While many pro-Dutch oven users have argued that you need one to make the classic no-knead bread recipe, a home baker from California wrote an article for Bon Appétit claiming you can achieve the same results and create this heat retention. with a $4 foil baking sheet from a grocery store.

Given the current price hikes on seemingly every item in the country, if money is an issue, you might want to explore one of the many Dutch oven alternatives. While there are a plethora of options, the top-ranked dutch ovens in a Consumer Reports review range from $40 to over $300. Even the cheapest and best rated will put a slight dent in your wallet.

Given the hot summer months, even if you stick to no-bake dessert recipes for your upcoming seasonal vacations and BBQs, the next time you fire up your oven, rest assured you don’t need to cook. a dutch oven to make a good meal. .