Why You Should Never Bake Bread in a Glass Dish

You’ve probably noticed two main types of bread pans on the market: metal (usually aluminum) and glass. Handy for baking sandwich bread, as they will yield an even loaf, loaf pans are an essential for any baker – but the question is which type is best for baking bread? The answer, according to Enjoy your meal, is metal. The take explains that glass is an insulator rather than a conductor, which means it is slower to heat up and cool down. All that retained heat can cause bread to cook unevenly – usually cooking faster on the outside while remaining mushy and raw on the inside.

Bon Appétit recommends choosing an aluminum loaf pan for bread instead, which will heat up quickly, contributing to more even rising and a crispier, browner crust – advice echoed by Food Network, which indicates that metal pans are a great option for baking bread. So if your kitchen is full of glass cookware, you might be wondering: What can I use? those for? According to both outlets, a good contender is pie. Glass pie plates are great, especially for beginners, as you can lift the plate to check the bottom of the crust and make sure it’s browned, not burnt or raw. So, keep your glass pie plates, but look for a sturdy aluminum pan for your next loaf, focaccia, or batch of rolls (via Bon Appétit).