You can order Dwayne Johnson’s iconic French toast to your doorstep

Asked about creating Dwayne Johnson’s personalized Sunday breakfast – also known as Brick Rock Toast – his personal chef Raquel “Rocky” Rockquemore-Breiz said Thrillist that there are “no rules” involved in the actor’s “cheat day” meals. “I would make Teremana-infused whipped cream and coconut chips, and play with the syrups until the peanut butter coconut syrup came along,” she said. If you are unaware of your celebrity endorsed liquor brands, Teremana is Johnson’s tequila made in the Highlands of Jalisco, adding to the uniqueness of Dwayne Johnson. Speak Brick website, the “colossal hand-sliced ​​brioche” is dipped in Chef Rocky’s signature cream coating and topped with vanilla whipped cream and the aforementioned toasted coconut chips and buttery maple syrup peanut and coconut.

When fans started coveting the gloriously tall, topping-laden toast after Johnson spoke about it on instagram, Breiz decided to share his glorious creation with the public. She did Brick an official brand in 2020 and quickly set up a brick-and-mortar version of Brique French Toastery in Los Angeles’ Westfield Century City mall, per Thrillist. Now, Delight reports that the brand has partnered with Goldbelly to bring the Brick to French toast-loving Dwayne Johnson fans across the country. It’s a bit more expensive than your average dinner meal, between $69.95 and $169.95, but that’s the price of decadence. Unfortunately, the public version of the dish does not include tequila.